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Rapid response for your late bookings

Customized training for your property

Transportation of our staff directly to your door

TABC Certified for applicable positions

One-on-one interviews

In area branch locations

Always available 24/7/365

Background screening

Departmental outsourcing

A+ Rated Insurance

Instant e-mail response

State of the art e-commerce services

E-verify processing.

to your business

All workers are trained before they arrive at the job site in order to specifically meet your needs.​


We work to your needs. 

Your standards are ours.

Just ask what you need and thats all!

Tel: 682 312 9736  Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm, Saturday By Appointment 

We service existing facilities and specialize in the opening of new hotels! Our staff is professionally dressed and adheres to all appearance standards with full uniforms including name tags. All workers are trained before they arrive at the job site in order to specifically meet your needs.  For pricing information please contact us. 


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The recruitment process and training of our staff is one of the most important factors in the growth and success of our company. The Dallas Temps bases its selection of personnel on specialized skills, experience, certifications, and honesty. We count on our Management team in giving continuity and training to each worker in order to provide the highest service and standard in the hospitality industry. 

No matter the number of employees your company needs, be sure we will give you nothing short of our undivided attention, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.